Cheap Propecia

  1. Propecia is a potent medicine used for the treatment of male pattern baldness and hair loss. This is the only medicine approved by the FDA for this particular purpose for its safety and efficiency. Before Propecia treatment can be started, the doctor should be aware of the fact the patient has any of the following: stricture of the urethra, a history of allergic reaction to dutasteride or finasteride, inability to urinate, bladder muscle disorder, liver disease, prostate cancer or abnormal liver enzyme tests. Serious side effects of Propecia are not likely but if any occur (such as trouble breathing, swelling of the face, pain, swelling of the lips or tongue, hives, closing of the throat, breast changes, breast lumps or nipple discharge), the treatment will have to be stopped.

  1. You always have to make sure you follow the exact instructions of your doctor when you take Propecia. You will need to be taking it with a full glass of water once daily. You should take Propecia for as long as your doctor prescribed, which is also for as long as you want to keep the results of your treatment. If you get a few mild side effects of Propecia like skin rash, headache, swelling in the hands or feet, loss of interest in sex, trouble having an orgasm, swelling or tenderness in the breasts, runny nose, weakness, dizziness, impotence or abnormal ejaculation, you can continue the treatment if they do not bother you too much. Otherwise, you will have to talk to your doctor about them. Also make sure you let your health care provider know if you are using over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications, alternative remedies, minerals, herbal products or vitamins, although no drugs have been reported to interact with Propecia so far.

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